In the present world competition is at its peak and creating a place for self in a professional field is a tough task. While the college provides the students with education and all the necessary skills to excel, the Training and Placement Committee of JCES College does its best to give them the opportunities to flourish through a common platform, which is shared by both the students and the corporates. The primary motive of TPC is to provide students with employment opportunities.

Apart from that, TPC also seeks to impart effective communication skills, management skills and all the necessary etiquettes which are of utmost importance. It becomes paramount to sharpen the skills of the students before they graduate because they would be stepping into a whole new world of competition. In order to fulfill the above mentioned goals, TPC keeps organizing interactive sessions for students including seminars, workshops and training sessions.


Recently, the Training and Placement Cell had organized a C.V. Writing Workshop keeping in mind the importance of writing a good C.V. within a professional context with the help of LATEX. This workshop was organized on 15th February 2020 in the Conference room. The workshop was indeed successful and concluded with students putting forth their queries and receiving feedback.

The Placement Cell has been working hard to help the students to learn and acquire corporate knowledge and strategies. Students were sent to reputed organizations for internships in variety of fields ranging from Media to Banking to Management. TPC has always stood as a support structure for the students. It has provided them with internships so that they could gain some practical experience in their fields of interest.


TPC has been working rigorously in planning out future plans and improving the structure of the committee so that it benefits the students in a far more informed manner. TPC not only brings employers to college portals but also, prepares the students to grab the opportunities which otherwise is very slim. The students have not only been provided with internships and placements but also, they are motivated to derive more expertise from these openings and avail better opportunities. Expertise comes with practice and TPC always encourages both the members and the students to keep improving and improvising in these training sessions and reap benefits from these exposures.

The Training and Placement Cell is working on organizing a few more workshops, which would be an enriching experience for the student. There is a lot more that is yet to be done but TPC is working hard to achieve the same.